We ♥ Universal Profiles! Get your Universal Name for it: Name Service is a decentral community project for unique vanity names for your universal profile across all applications. Reserve your’s for free.

Save your Universal Name for your Universal Profile

Decentral Name Service

Your vanity name will always redirect to your profile.

Whitelabel for all Apps

Use the name service for your app fully whitelabel and for free

DAO Governance

We care about censorship-resistance and human rights at the same time.

Sunrise Periode 1

Reserve your unique Universal Name now for free on LUKSO L14 and we migrate it to the mainnet. Rules below apply!

Sunrise Periode 2

Verified people and brands will have 6 months to claim their verified vanity name.

Landrush Periode

All available names can be registered now. 

To be bought or for free through any participating app.

White-label & free for all Apps by design

As will link to the of the LUKSO Foundation, the same users profile is available at with the style & features of the FANZONE App. And without asking or permission you can always read from the smart contract and route to your own App’s Universal Profile implementation.

Also, all apps on LUKSO which protect against bot and spam generated profiles, will be allowed to create a free vanity name for unlimited users.

DAO Governance

We believe that a name system ought to be a community project, because it needs a censorship-free decentralisation for the living out of personal freedom, but a second part which is curated for the common good and the human rights of others.

It was modeled on the Domain Name System (DNS) and Ethereum Name System (ENS), which is why the Name System is also abbreviated LNS. However, by linking Universal Names with Universal Profiles, it’s the most user-friendly. And decentralized.

We’re creating a DAO, a Decentralized Autonomous Organization, for governance. All individuals and app developers on LUKSO can join this organization.

Any net revenue and (hackathon winnings 😉 made will be used 100% for the further development though public ‘GitCoin’-like tasks.

Censor-ship resistance with human dignity:
On the LUKSO Mainnet, after the sunrise periode, each Universal Profile owner can choose and store their Universal Name freely and uncensored. There will be no admin, which can take those away. This is fully decentral and uncensored.

Alongside this, however, on the user and app side, we also feel an obligation to mandate a certain level of human dignity within our own apps and want to stand up against racism and discrimination. 

Each app and user can therefore use a filter list to hide racist and discriminatory names from their app, e.g. with ‘**’. These lists are also decontrol, like lists by ad-block servers.

We will curate one as DAO: In order to allow as much freedom of opinion as possible, we have already started talks with local associations of Amnesty International, RSF and Human Rights Watch. As we also want to support to defend human rights and secure justice. Together as DAO we can decide decentralised, in which very rare cases a vanity name will be on our example block-list. Any any app can choose any other block-list of their own or none at all. 

Sunrise Periode 1 Rules:


  • Please choose a universal name which is connected to you personally, e.g. your nickname or twitter handle
  • Like Twitter, it should be 5-15 characters long, only containing lower case letters, numbers and the underscore (_). 
    (By getting the lowercase handle, all CaMeL case versions also belong to you. And apps can display underscores as spaces.
  • Don’t use racism, discrimination and hate speech
    (You can do so on mainnet censorship free, but apps might block you for that)
  • Do not try to register names of brands, other people or common things.  
    (If there is already a verified account on Twitter with the vanity name – choose another name.)
  • You already need an existing Universal Profile. If you don’t have one yet, create one here.
  • Names that do not comply with these rules and common sense will not be migrated to the mainnet.
  • Use common sense
  • Let’s build a better LUKSO Mainnet community together 🧡

Examples: Claudio, 


Get your free universal name

and connect it to your profile on L14 and get migrated later to the Mainnet for free. Name System is an independent community project, a DAO in formation.
If you are looking for the LUKSO Foundation instead, you find it at